We're hoping this little page makes life as a bride a little easier for you and answers your questions about the dress shopping experience with Fiori Bridal Boutique. We're excited to have you in our boutique, and we hope you're excited to be here!

Yes. We want you to have the best experience possible, and we believe that will be one on one with a bridal consultant. Walk-ins are more than welcome to look around, but they will not be able to try on any gowns.

Our appointments are 90 minutes. We've found that is the perfect amount of time to discuss your style and vision, try approximately six to eight carefully chosen gowns, try on any "favorites" that need to be revisited, and not feel totally overwhelmed! For many of our brides, an hour and a half appointment is enough time to feel decisive, excited, and not rushed. If you need a second appointment, we understand and we are happy to schedule you a shorter second appointment to come back in.

Our gowns start at $1000 and the most expensive gown is just a bit over $3000.We find brides with a budget of $1500 are usually able to find a gown of their dreams. We do not have traditional "sales" on our dresses at any time. We have trunk show incentives for a specific designer once or twice a year. We also have sample sales a few times a year, but the only gowns discounted are our actual sample dresses that have been tried on before that we are now selling off the rack.

Sometimes less is more! Usually we don't agree with that, but when it comes to your wedding dress shopping entourage we often see brides having the best and easiest time with smaller parties. Of course everyone is unique and different, but having more than four people is often more stressful and less fun than one would think. Smaller groups allow you to actually be able to listen to yourself, your opinions, and how you feel. And that is the most important and indispensable opinion. You will hear a lot of opinions, but your opinion is the most valuable. You've got to trust your gut! We've seen too many brides in tears when friends and family forget who the appointment and shopping is for. You are the one who has to wear the dress and look at your photos in your dress forever! You should love it! We request that you limit your shopping companions to 4 people.

We recommend shopping for your wedding dress eight to twelve months before your wedding date. If you are interested in gowns that are particularly detailed or beaded, we recommend starting at least eight months in advance as we do carry a few gowns that take six months for production and cannot be rushed. If you have less than six months before you wedding, there are still many options in our boutique that can be ordered and ready in time for your big day. For very short timelines (anything under three months), our gowns can be sold off the rack. If you are ordering less than four months before your wedding date, there may be rush fees that vary depending on the designer. It's best to start early! However, we usually don't recommend starting before you have a wedding date and a venue.

Yes! And you will be so happy you finally got something fitted perfectly for you. Alterations are an essential finishing touch to any gown. We take your measurements to order you your standard size. However, alterations are needed to fine tune. Whether that means taking in a dress to make it smaller for your hips, bust, or waist (or maybe everywhere), add cups, shorten straps, hem the length, and take care of the bustle for your train. Alterations are just part of the whole process, and you will be so happy with the magic a talented, reputable seamstress can do.

We recommend a handful of seamstresses our brides have used in the past. We do not have an "in-house" seamstress. We are not affiliated with our seamstresses or in business with them, nor do we receive any payment from them for you business. We offer our recommendations just an extra resource and to help out our brides. You do not have to use a seamstress on the list. If you have a trusted family tailor or you loved the seamstress who altered your sister's gown, you are welcome to use any seamstress you feel most comfortable using. As we are not associated with a seamstress, the price of alterations is not included in the gown.

Our sample sizes range from size 8 to size 24. Bridal sizing runs differently than street sizing and varies with each designer. On average, a bridal 12 is similar to a street size 8. If the gowns are too big for you, we will use our handy dandy bridal clips to clip the dress tighter to give you a better idea. If the gown is too small we will clip the gown up to a privacy panel. Unfortunately, the sample gowns will never be a perfect fit. But you have our promise that we will do all that we can to give you the best possible idea of how it will look!